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Improved mysql manager with search and replace functionality

The current administrator is fast and lightweight but it needs a little more functionality. For example it would be nice to have a "search" option within a table and once you get the result set to have the option to modify, delete, etc. Currently if you want to modify the record 10.000 in a table you have to display up to that record and then you get the option to modify it. If you do a query to list only your record 10.000 there is no option to modify it. Yes, it can all be done with queries... but that is not the point, the mysql administrator should give an easy way to make quick changes to the DB.

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  • malga752 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    It's a real pain every time to search for an item in the database.
    We have to go through thousands of row to find what we're looking for.
    What would normally take a few seconds can take hours!!

  • Oscar Gensmann commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    When moving wordpress sites from staging to live you often have to do simple search and replace in all mysql tables to replace a domain name.

    Often this functionality is build into a migration plugin or you can install your own wordpress plugin and do it.

    The issue is that a lot of migration plugins doesn't work with medium size to larger wordpress installs due to timeouts etc (doesn't have to be more than a couple of GB of upload data etc), and installing the search and replace plugin after the site has been cloned/moved is often a lot og fiddling since the admin on the new domain redirects to the old etc.

    I suggest making a simple mySQL tool for searching and replacing a string in some or all tables of an apps database, without having to learn SQL-queries.

    This would make it easier for the growing bunch of wordpress users who doesn't know much about sql (or maybe can remember the syntax without googling), but could be attracted to your service which is giving them their own VPS, without a lot of server management.

    Search and replace in the database is almost the most common problem I see with new wordpress "managers", and often something is destroyed due to wrong formatted SQL queries and similar, which is why there is a lot of search and replace plugins, the issue is though that you need to get into the wp-admin to use them.

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