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    Thanks, Harry, for taking the time to report this.

    I’d like to better understand your use-case in order to figure out what’s going on.

    For example, if I have a git repository deployed on my server on Cloudways, and if I go ahead and delete an already tracked file from the repository on my local computer and push the changes upstream to the remote repository and then pull those changes on my Cloudways server, I do see that the deleted file is gone from my public_html/ (or any other deployment) directory. Are you having trouble with that?

    Or is your workflow different from what I’ve described? Please let me know so I may check it thoroughly.


    Cloudways Team

    Anonymous commented  · 


    Thanks for looking into my submission.

    What you have described is what I'm hoping to do. When I was working on a site recently I found this wasn't the case. I made a support ticket about it to confirm it was expected behaviour and they said it was and that I could make a feature request here.

    Maybe it could have been a permissions issue on my end but I'm confused as support said this was intended.

    Thanks, Harry.

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